Mr Plantel is timeless, he brings the plant-based cheese of the future into everyday present.

Say “cheese” and the Planet smiles

Mr Plantel is a unique and bold brand which marks an extraordinary fusion between digital art, blockchain technology and historical heritage. The main brand character, an NFT from the Ancestors collection (Stramosi by Elrond) is inspired by the Romanian folklore.
The NFT depicts the face of a shepherd, bringing tradition from the old, authentic, into the modern world.
With plant-based products that satisfy cheese cravings, Mr Plantel is an ambassador for change and a sustainable lifestyle.

The famous one

Plant-Based Cheddar Style

Plant-Based Tomato & Basil Slices

Solid as Emmental

Plant-Based Emmental Style

In a world full of ordinary, be a speciality

Plant-Based Greek Style Block

Plant-Based Greek Style Block in Brine

Da vero Plant-Based Mozzarella

Plant-Based Mozzarella Style Block

Vegetable cheese, for delicious classic appetizers

Plant-Based Classic Style