plant on the plate, not fish

Hey, friends! Let’s leave the fish alone!

You can love seafood and save the oceans.
Each year, the environmental impact of global overfishing decreases the fish population in our seas. Sadly, many species of fish are already gone. Unfished® puts plant-based seafood – not the dwindling fish population – on your plate. This vision for our oceans will result in a far less reliance on industrialized harvesting of declining fish species, and will instead offer more sustainable, biodiverse, food options for future generations. Whether you’re a vegan, an omnivore… or anything in between, we’ve got plant-based seafood that’s ocean-friendly and nutrient-packed. Let us amaze you with our flawless textures and rich tastes for a delicious, plant-based experience.

Join our mission to leave the fish in the ocean and taste the future!

The New Plant-Based Fish Revolution

PlantFish® Breaded Fillets

PlantFish® Breaded Sticks

PlantFish-Eating Grin

PlantZalmon® Fillet

PlantFish® White Fillet

We Un-Fish-ed for compliments!

PlantZalmon® Smoked Slices

Endless choices for all Un-Fish-ed lovers!

PlantZalmon® Sashimi

PlanTuna® Sashimi

PlantZalmon® Poke Cubes

PlanTuna® Poke Cubes

We are hooked!

PlanTuna® in Water

PlanTuna® with Olive Oil

PlanTuna® with Lemon and Pepper

Enrich your appetizers!

PlanTuna® Vegan Spread

PlantZalmon® Vegan Spread

PlanTuna® Vegan Spread with Chilli

Discover the pleasure of every dish!

PlanTuna® California Salad

PlanTuna® Mexican Salad