Verdino Green Foods Selects Resalta to Become A Long-Term Partner On Its CO2 Neutrality Roadmap

Verdino Green Foods Selects Resalta to Become A Long-Term Partner On Its CO2 Neutrality Roadmap

In the modern societies the food industry plays an important role in improving life quality, health, economic activities and protecting natural systems to ensure a better future on our planet.

UN estimates that by 2050, Earth’s population will rise to 10 billion people and the food production will increase by almost 70%. In this context UN warns of both on the huge challenges of urgently reducing the carbon footprint and on the need to identify new ways to produce more food with existing resources. Now, the global food production generates about 24% of all the CO2 emissions.

Verdino Green Foods, one of the leading regional plant-based meat and dairy alternatives company announced that it has selected Resalta to become its partner supporting its commitment to reaching CO2 neutrality. Under this partnership, Resalta, a regional leader in low-carbon energy and services, will provide energy audit and carbon strategy solutions to be deployed in the Verdino Green Foods production site in Alba County, Romania.

“Our Sustainability roadmap and our carbon reduction objectives are the reflection of our convictions that we have a big responsibility to make a positive impact on the Planet. The top priorities assumed through the partnership with Resalta are closely related to the energy efficiency through the improvement of workflows, processes, and technologies in the production area. Verdino Green Foods evolves as a continuous bet for innovation, for a solid and sustainable future, valuing people and environment”, declared Oana Gresoiu, Group Chief Sustainability Officer Verdino Green Foods.

Observing consumer behavior worldwide, studies show that plant-based alternative products will diversify and expand the market segment by more than 450% by 2030. More and more consumers, with a new perception of the future, are becoming very concerned about food ethics and the future of the Planet.

“It is impressive to see the speed and the scale at which Verdino Green Foods has decided to implement energy efficiency plan and renewables to decarbonize operations. We are proud to support Verdino in this transition”, said Luka Komazec, CEO of Resalta.

The results of the Resalta’s audit will align Verdino Green Foods with the directives and objectives of the United Nations and the European Union regarding CO2 emissions and, at the same time, will allow transparency of operations to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) organization.

“We are happy to support the first project in the decarbonization area started by Verdino Green Foods and Resalta. We are optimists for the positive impact that this project will create for the environment, in production processes but also for the products themselves”, affirmed Dorian Macovei, managing director for Romania at BlackPeak Capital, part of the shareholders of Verdino Green Foods.

Aware of climate change, high pollution, deforestation, soil degradation, water scarcity and intensive fishing, the food industry, through plant-based products, can generate a lasting positive impact.