Verdino Green Foods takes over Unfished® and Green Course®

Verdino Green Foods takes over Unfished® and Green Course®

Verdino Green Foods, one of the leaders in the industry of plant based alternatives to meat products, in Central and Eastern Europe, takes over the brands Unfished® and Green Course® from Prefera Foods, consolidating the entire portfolio and adding plant based seafood alternatives. With the new brands, Verdino Green Foods becomes one of the players in Europe with the most diversified plant based portfolio. 

Launched last year by Prefera Foods, Unfished® is more than an innovative range of plant-based seafood alternatives and it means less fishing, more biodiversity, a sustainable solution for future generations, for the planet, for saving the ocean and its valuable resources. The current Unfished® portfolio is unique, inspired by the seafood category and offers canned PlanTuna®, ready-to-eat salads and alternatives to tuna and salmon spreads. Since its launch, Unfished® had received numerous international awards, including “Best Vegan Tuna” (PETA Vegan Food Awards 2022) and “Best in Positive Impact” (International V-Label Awards 2021). 

Green Course® is a simple solution to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle as a sustainable and tasy choice, offering a variety of delicious options, from ready meals, meat alternatives, sauces to vegan mayonnaise.  

“Consolidating the plant based product portfolio is a priority for us, which is why we took a step forward in the category of vegan fish and ready meals. We aim to diversify our portfolio in this direction and to become a key player in Europe in the plant-based seafood and meat markets. The global plant based food market is in continuous expansion and the number of consumers is growing exponentially, as more people are aware of the benefits of plant-based products for a balanced lifestyle”, declares Raul Ciurtin, founder of Verdino Green Foods. 

Verdino Green Foods consolidates a complete product portfolio that includes plant based alternatives to meat, cheese, fish products and ready meals. The company focuses on accelerated growth, investing in product innovation, portfolio development and production facilities. Verdino Green Foods’ ambition is to create a more sustainable future for people and for the Planet, while helping consumers make a major contribution to fight climate change.“ By taking over the Unfished® brand, we are consolidating our plant based portfolio in the fish alternatives category and we are launching new products to develop more market segments. We are talking about innovative and amazing products like salmon fillet, white fish fillet, salmon and tuna sashimi for sushi, breaded fish sticks and breaded fish fillets, all plant based, which are easy to prepare by anyone.”,  says Raul Ciurtin. 

Since its launch, three years ago, Verdino has developed over 60 products that have been successfully listed in almost all retailers from the local market, but the company has also concluded successful partnerships in many countries, like Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Vietnam and The Republic of Moldova. At the same time, the company has opened offices in the largest European markets, Germany and the United Kingdom. Through innovation and the quality of the products it creates, Verdino aims to become the most affordable high quality brand of plant-based meat alternatives in Europe. 

“When we talk about growing a business, especially one in a new market, innovation is the main engine. Having this aspect as a reference in the development of the company, we tried to constantly come up with new products and to offer consumers healthier, sustainable solutions, based on vegetable protein, good for them and for the planet. We believe in the potential of the ready to eat plant based products category, which offers the advantage of a meal that requires a short preparation time ”, says Raul Ciurtin. 

Under the Verdino brand, the company is preparing to launch a range of plant-based breaded products, like nuggets, schnitzel or crispy burger, both fresh and frozen. 


About Verdino Green Foods 

Verdino Green Foods is a regional leader that offers sustainable alternatives to meat products, based on pea protein. Verdino is a Romanian brand, founded in Alba County that offers a wide range of products: burgers, minced meat, vegetable slices, sausages, salami, cheese, pizza and specialties such as Mortadella with pistachio, Pepperoni and Bacon, all plant based.